How Do We Work?

We work with start-ups and research labs that work on climate solutions – from bioplastic to clean energy monitoring, and from optimizing electric vehicles to regrowing kelp forests.

The world’s biggest and most successful companies use design sprints to innovate successfully. By building rapid prototypes they make sure they develop the right product for the right market in the fastest time possible.

Seaspray labs brings these tools to you to fast forward your development time. We believe the world needs your climate solution faster.

What is a Design Sprint?

During a design sprint we’ll prototype and test your climate solution in just one week. On Monday we’ll compare your solutions with others and learn from experts in the field. On Tuesday we’ll decide what and how to prototype. One Wednesday we build the prototype and on Thursday we test it with real customers. On Friday, we put everything we learned during the sprint into a roadmap for you team.

How does it work?

Have you ever been in meetings with endless discussions?The sprint format cuts endless discussions out. Instead, there are timed activities with concrete outcomes. The short timeline lets us focus on your most important challenges. And since all decision makers and experts are in the room we don’t lose time by going back and forth.

What’s the result?

After the sprint, your entire team has learned valuable lessons by prototyping. All team members will have in-depth knowledge of your customers. And you’ll have roadmap, a blueprint how to realize your product.