How to Make a Big Impact in Just 2 Weeks

Design Thinking puts a focus on end users, rapid prototyping, and teamwork. An IBM study found that design thinking projects are two times faster to market, have a 300% return on investment, and a 75% increase in team efficiency. Design Thinking works great for big companies, but does it work for start ups and research labs? Does it work for small budgets and short timeframes? Yes, it does! Here is an example how Seaspray Labs worked with a startup and made a huge impact in just two weeks.

Our client worked on a software platform and hit the usual challenges: Quick growth of the company and their customer base impacted their platform. The ad hoc fixes got out of control, the platform was hard to use, and the stakeholders had different priorities. We arranged a design thinking bootcamp to quickly turn this project around.

Week 1: Design thinking always starts with understanding your customers. So we dove in with one-on-one interviews with a broad range of existing platform users. User interviews as well as expert interviews and a competitive analysis fed into a cohesive product strategy.

Week 2: We jumped into action, creating use cases, storyboards, and an interactive mock-up that we tested with five end users in one-on-one interviews. The testing results led to an updated product strategy and a detailed roadmap for the next three months.

By having a clear strategy with priorities, we helped accelerate time to market and return on investment. Our design thinking bootcamp motivated and energized the team and led to increased team efficiency.