Accelerating Climate Solutions

All over the world teams are developing brilliant climate solutions. But we need to speed up these projects to decarbonize our economy over the next decade. Design Thinking is a proven way to get to better solutions, faster. Find out how we use design thinking to speed up development time, reduce design time, and cut project costs…

A recent study of IBMs design thinking program found that projects are 2X faster to market, have a 300% return on investment, and a 75% increase in team efficiency with design thinking.

That’s great! But what if you don’t have a huge design budget and a lot of time? Our design thinking bootcamp leads to big changes in just a few weeks. Your project timeline will shorten, your team will be more efficient, and your product will be more successful.

Design Thinking doesn’t have to be a lengthy and you don’t need a design thinking in-house team. Read our case study to find out how Seaspray Labs made a huge impact in just two weeks.